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Email Marketing Affiliate Cash Opportunity

This Is Your Purple Patch  🙂

Affiliate Marketing is a bit like Marmite You Love it –  or you Hate it..


If you love it like many of the Online Internet Affiliate Marketing Millionaires then hopefully you’ll stay a while here and soak up some of the ‘good stuff’ associated with affiliate marketing.

To most people affiliate marketing is a bit of a mystery and when they’re told that others on the internet are earning good residual incomes from affiliate marketing they plunge in head-first looking for the gold at the end of the affiliate rainbow.

Many spend a fortune chasing course after course all about affiliate marketing that ‘sort of’ tells them what it’s all about, but at the same time assumes that you know all the basics and that you’re at least ‘familiar’ with affiliate marketing – BAD!

I know from personal experience  that it just ain’t so. With all the will in the world there are many people who are not tech-savvy. Are not social media savvy. Cannot build websites or build a blog even. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be able to take advantage of the best and simplest way to drag themselves into the world of plenty does it?

With the world economies crashing around us , it isn’t because the money is vanishing, it’s just being diverted elsewhere. Real-estate was a great banker at one time and will be again in the future I’ve no doubt. But at present, the real money is in ‘Virtual Real-Estate’ ie; websites, mini-sites and blogs all offering products for sale. In our case they need to be offering ‘affiliate’ products for sale.

Affiliate marketing is simply the best, cheapest and fastest way to get your foot on the Virtual Real-Estate ladder.


How simple do you need a part or full time business to be?

As I said, affiliate marketing is the  King-Maker as far as online wealth is concerned, if you needed extra money that could either make you better off than you are right now, or will save you from losing your home, pay hospital bills, credit card debts etc, etc, etc.

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All the best …. Pete .

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Email Marketing Affiliate Cash Opportunity

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